About Us

The Chamorro active lifestyle apparel and accessories brand, we are Elevate 671 - Elevate (Guam).

We are a team of like minded individuals who have served our country proud in the USAF with Chamorro roots. Together, we  strive to improve our product, our service and commitment to the Elevate vision. Elevate 671 exists to create affordable activewear and accessories that empower individuals to Elevate their performance, their purpose, their passion to the NEXT LEVEL





 Our Core Values

Family: Our team of members, athletes, ambassadors, and visionaries span worldwide collectively to aim to accomplish the Elevate mission.

Next Level Our workout attire products are engineered to perform and be fashion forward while providing comfort. In accomplishing this task, we must be consistently moving forward and fearlessly Elevating to the Next Level each step of the way.

Vision Our goal is to be true to Elevate Worldwide Next Level Performance and respectful of others. We are here to Elevate you.